Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was just about to write a moany, bad mood sort of post about fashion in New York and at NYU, and how I feel inadequate and poor. But then my brain, already having jumped into procrastination mode, told me to check iCiNG and lo! She has written an article (or a "reminder" as she titles it) about not comparing yourself to others in a negative sense. I'm so happy I found her site; I think I stumbled upon it over the summer, and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it. I may even start "Things I Love Thursday" on this blog, because I think it is a very positive way of looking at your life, and that is something I do far too seldom.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

NYU: Study Abroad Apps and Political Woes

So much to do and such a little memory to remember it all with! A lot of my friends have been asking me lately, "When do you find out about study abroad in Paris for next semester? Yay for you and yay for study abroad!" And, wisely, I have answered them with, "Oh, that deadline hasn't come up yet." Because I knew that there were at least two deadlines. BUT. I just checked tonight and found that I missed the first one and that the second of the two recommended deadlines (i.e. everything after #2 means "you may regret your propensity for procrastination for the rest of your life") is in about two weeks.

So I finally began putting into action the epic plan I have had since May of weaseling my way into friendship with my Translation professor from last semester. I sent her an e-mail asking to bother her at her office hours, and I really hope she responds, because I need her to sign forms for me confirming my proficiency at French. (This is so that I can do the more immersion-geared program.) Don't worry, I'm not going to make her sign the form the first time I see her for this year. I will save that for weasely meeting no. 2. I have it all worked out. I just hope it... you know, works out.


In other news, I watched the presidential debate tonight and was very intimidated by the knowledge of my peer college-goers on all the issues being debated. I didn't really understand a lot of the debate, because they kept talking over it, which is understandable, but I have decided to educate myself by reading up online. Sadly, I am so averse to politics that I have found a multitude of things to do online in the past hour rather than read about the candidates' stances. I'm probably a bad person. What did you think about the debate?

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

NYU: Remembering

Last night, when A and I got back from dinner and grocery shopping (and, unintentionally, waiting for the bus for a half hour), there was a sheet of paper on our entryway floor. We overlooked it at first, but later when I was turning off the hall light, I noticed it and saw that it had a lot of text on it. All those words signified either big trouble or big news to me. When I picked it up to read it, I found that it really meant both.

A boy from our building was struck by a car and killed the other night, walking along the road after partying in Brooklyn. It was shocking to read this horrible news, because he was only a sophomore. I didn't know him, but it brought up a lot of thoughts about similar incidents. I'm not very emotional about people I don't personally know, but I did experience a brief but intense wave of what I guess was anger when I read about this boy's unfortunate passing. How completely unnecessary and unfair it is, and how sudden.

NYU is known for its high suicide rate. I was not aware of this gruesome fact until I came here, but it is definitely part of our school culture, as awful as that is. The school even rigged all dorm windows to open a mere three inches when suicides spiked a few years ago. Last Fall, there were about four suicides within the first month, if I remember correctly. The details were obviously and wisely concealed, but everyone speculated that it was the classic reactions of freshmen unaccustomed to the one-small-face-in-a-huge-crowd atmosphere of NYU. It is hard to make yourself seen or heard here. And it is hard to grow into yourself when the community is so spread out - NYU stretches from the Financial District up to Gramercy and Murray Hill now, and it can be hard to find friends in this housing situation, not to mention in the multiple schools of NYU. But there is no sense in generalizing these insignificant facts to the lives and deaths of such unique students.

NYU tries a lot of things to bring this enormous community together and offer year-round emotional support for those who need it, but there are a lot of variables they simply can't control. This latest death has really accentuated such limitations - the accident occurred in a totally different borough, and it was not connected with NYU or academics at all.

I just hope the boy from Gramercy Green was able to do the things he wanted and enjoyed in the short time he lived on this earth, and that maybe this unfortunate event will inspire others to make the most of their experiences, not just at NYU but in life.

Thanks to Wikimedia for the image.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

NYU: Music Movie and Musings

Tonight I went to see a free pre-screening of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Lots of free screenings lately, I know. I love my school. But anyway, I went to see it with A, C, and J. If we made a band, our acronym could be JACA. Or CAJA. Caha! Haha.

The movie was really good, but it was funny to realize that the movie's typical teenage portrayal of romance and true love was what I once believed to be absolute and invariable. I thought that was how it happened to everyone and how it would happen to me. Meet across a room, go on some crazy adventure in one night, have a connection/sex, then be in love forever once the credits rolled and life went on.

I like to think I am more emotionally and psychologically experienced now, and that my relationships with people are so comfortably mature that I can brush off the expectancy of that teenagery little stereotype. But it is nice to imagine having that sort of cute and fun love with someone. Michael Cera is adorable, after all. As some of our fellow moviegoers were talking about though, he does get typecast something awful.


In actual New York and NYU news, I had a Harvey Dent sort of day yesterday. Let me explain, even though I already know you know I mean two-faced.

Long story short, the first half of my day was great - research topics in my language change seminar, cute baby video in Human Development, fun awkward times in German, blah blah blah nobody cares. But after work I had my first session for a French-English translation class. I'm taking it for this translation certificate. IT SUCKS. We are starting off with legal translation, and I don't even know legal terminology in English!! I am so worried about this class that I am seriously considering dropping it, which I've never EVER done before, or taking the online version, taught by a (hopefully) better teacher.

I won't go into it much more, but at least now there is bloggular evidence that I do dislike some things about my life right now... lame I know

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

NYU: Environments

Today I've had an awful migraine. It affected me even at work, because the after-school elementary crowd decided to play "run around and scream and fall down and be totally insane," which is a game I would never ever recommend to anyone. Unless maybe you are homeless and you do that kind of thing to be an awesome spectacle for city folk.

In spite of my headache, I actually had a really great day. I love my Tuesday-Thursday classes, and I am so pleased with the choices I've made during my college career thus far. Blah blah blah I am the most annoying person you have ever met! Anyway, I also saw a free pre-screening of Burn After Reading, with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, John Malkovich et al. It was amazing; the Coen brothers are my new favorite (late on the bandwagon, I know), and my friends A, J and I laughed a whole lot. Brad Pitt is so adorable in it.

Today I also thought a bit about my mindset this year, comparing it to last year's. I definitely think that my living situation has a lot to do with my level of happiness. Last year, I was depressed about my view and my suitemate (my roommate S, on the other hand, was the best). I didn't like the neighborhood, because the main Canal Street area of Chinatown is absolutely horrid.

This year, I love so much more about where I am. I have a great apartment, with a wonderful roommate; I know some awesome people on my floor; the floor is planning a lot of great activities; and the neighborhood is much more peaceful but also culturally rich. Did I ever mention I had Sri Lankan food when my mom was here? Another painfully huge highlight of the area is the Blender Theater at Gramercy (photo via that link), which is literally two blocks away. In November, my favorite band ever, Jack's Mannequin, is playing there, and I am looking forward to the ticket sales opening!! (When the presale sold out, I thought it was the regular sale and I was really sad.)

Things are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of the Fall semester, and I'm really looking forward to it. This is not the last of the great news for this year!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

NYU: Gramercy Green

4/15/2009 NOTICE

Pictures fixed. ALSO - If you clicked here from Google, please be aware that this blog has now moved to 13yrsofclutter.blogspot.com and that before the housing lottery begins, I will be posting a semi-complete floorplan there with details about room types from my own knowledge. Keep your eyes peeled!!

Here they are, the long-awaited photos of my apartment-style dorm at Gramercy Green. I am in room 1101, which is a 2-person studio on the inner, south-facing side of Gramercy, which is shaped like a U. Click the photos for bigger versions.

Here is our door. Entrez, si vous l'osez! My mom made that tulip welcome sign for A when she was bored.

Our entryway is kind of bare still. I want to get some affordable framed paintings or photos from the street fair next time it rolls around to our street.
Our kitchen is positively glorious for living in student housing. (The building was previously going to be luxury condos, so we lucked out. :P) At least in my opinion. The only problem is that all the smoke detectors in the building are extremely sensitive and they are located right past the archway near the stove haha. We've had about 9 fire drills now, because people have burnt eggs and such (and then "resolve" it by opening their front doors, successfully spreading the smoke to the main sensors).

Our small dining area and the view from our large windows. I confess, I've spied many a neighbor from here. NYU students have no shame haha. Jk. Maybe.

Backtracking a bit, toward the kitchen again and turning left, we have the bathroom. I love so many things about it; for example, the separate light in the shower area is pretty sweet.

More of the bathroom. Weird tiling, eh? Our ceiling in here is weirdly tall. But the resulting enormous cabinets are a nice plus.

This is my side of the room (left of the windows). It's pretty messy and currently rather sparsely decorated, because I'm stingy. But I decided this is not clutter since I know the exact location of all my belongings at school. :P

Uhhh that's not my super messy desk area... :O

A's side! I did ask her for permission to post this and the part of the door earlier. I'm not a horrible roommate, I swear.

The lights I fashioned to be a pretty heart over the archway. My mom suggested this when she was here, so our neighbors could see the masterpiece haha.

Closet. Kinda ugly.
Our view. We face kind of southwest and it's much better than last year! So much ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. I changed the layout of the blog, because I was getting tired of the dots. I think this looks more professional. It's still not my own design, it's Blogger's, but what do you think? Like/no like?

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