Friday, September 19, 2008

NYU: Music Movie and Musings

Tonight I went to see a free pre-screening of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Lots of free screenings lately, I know. I love my school. But anyway, I went to see it with A, C, and J. If we made a band, our acronym could be JACA. Or CAJA. Caha! Haha.

The movie was really good, but it was funny to realize that the movie's typical teenage portrayal of romance and true love was what I once believed to be absolute and invariable. I thought that was how it happened to everyone and how it would happen to me. Meet across a room, go on some crazy adventure in one night, have a connection/sex, then be in love forever once the credits rolled and life went on.

I like to think I am more emotionally and psychologically experienced now, and that my relationships with people are so comfortably mature that I can brush off the expectancy of that teenagery little stereotype. But it is nice to imagine having that sort of cute and fun love with someone. Michael Cera is adorable, after all. As some of our fellow moviegoers were talking about though, he does get typecast something awful.


In actual New York and NYU news, I had a Harvey Dent sort of day yesterday. Let me explain, even though I already know you know I mean two-faced.

Long story short, the first half of my day was great - research topics in my language change seminar, cute baby video in Human Development, fun awkward times in German, blah blah blah nobody cares. But after work I had my first session for a French-English translation class. I'm taking it for this translation certificate. IT SUCKS. We are starting off with legal translation, and I don't even know legal terminology in English!! I am so worried about this class that I am seriously considering dropping it, which I've never EVER done before, or taking the online version, taught by a (hopefully) better teacher.

I won't go into it much more, but at least now there is bloggular evidence that I do dislike some things about my life right now... lame I know

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