Friday, September 26, 2008

NYU: Study Abroad Apps and Political Woes

So much to do and such a little memory to remember it all with! A lot of my friends have been asking me lately, "When do you find out about study abroad in Paris for next semester? Yay for you and yay for study abroad!" And, wisely, I have answered them with, "Oh, that deadline hasn't come up yet." Because I knew that there were at least two deadlines. BUT. I just checked tonight and found that I missed the first one and that the second of the two recommended deadlines (i.e. everything after #2 means "you may regret your propensity for procrastination for the rest of your life") is in about two weeks.

So I finally began putting into action the epic plan I have had since May of weaseling my way into friendship with my Translation professor from last semester. I sent her an e-mail asking to bother her at her office hours, and I really hope she responds, because I need her to sign forms for me confirming my proficiency at French. (This is so that I can do the more immersion-geared program.) Don't worry, I'm not going to make her sign the form the first time I see her for this year. I will save that for weasely meeting no. 2. I have it all worked out. I just hope it... you know, works out.


In other news, I watched the presidential debate tonight and was very intimidated by the knowledge of my peer college-goers on all the issues being debated. I didn't really understand a lot of the debate, because they kept talking over it, which is understandable, but I have decided to educate myself by reading up online. Sadly, I am so averse to politics that I have found a multitude of things to do online in the past hour rather than read about the candidates' stances. I'm probably a bad person. What did you think about the debate?

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oh alex! i'm so sad! i wrote a comment! and now it's not here... and i forget what i said...