Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was just about to write a moany, bad mood sort of post about fashion in New York and at NYU, and how I feel inadequate and poor. But then my brain, already having jumped into procrastination mode, told me to check iCiNG and lo! She has written an article (or a "reminder" as she titles it) about not comparing yourself to others in a negative sense. I'm so happy I found her site; I think I stumbled upon it over the summer, and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it. I may even start "Things I Love Thursday" on this blog, because I think it is a very positive way of looking at your life, and that is something I do far too seldom.

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Back Garage said...

We all have a habit of doing this and I can imagine living in NYC it's really hard. Every time I walk around in Manhattan I feel like a scrub. Thanks for sharing that post -- that was great.