Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Professional Organizer Dilemma

Before this project, I had no idea there was such a thing as a professional organizer. It almost makes me want to choose that as my career, since I like organizing things, and it seems pretty lucrative. I mean, look at how happy this woman from GetOrganizedAndMore is. But I was browsing around a bunch of these people's sites, and while a lot of the tips were good, and they're good at selling themselves, just like any good decluttering prostitute should be, I started thinking about how much work my mom and I are actually taking on by ourselves like this.

One site said that it's basically pointless to attempt to declutter by yourself, because you're so invested in all the crap that needs to go that you'll never make any progress. Another good point was that third parties are a lot more objective and can also play the part of sympathizers where I, as the unfeeling child of the woman who owns most of the clutter, can hardly ever sympathize. Mostly I get impatient and angry faced. >:(

I'm sure that's all part of the professional organizer's clever ploys at money-getting, but it makes sense. The sites themselves are very convincing, as well. Look at the amazing before and after photos on this one! They truly give me hope.

However, the real problem is money, in that we have nay enough to afford such a professional. So we'll have to undergo this entire transformation on our own, and I get the feeling it will take months, especially with my mother's still-semi-mysterious-to-me health condition and unwillingness to put much effort into things I suggest. That could definitely be the old-person temperament that I chose to subject myself to in all this, but it sure is discouraging.

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Anonymous said...

awww, you can do it! it won't take months! jsut when you get to things you're hesentatnt to get rid of, ask yourself: where are we going to keep this? is it worth the space it takes up? then that'll hlep!

pam said...

Speaking as a professional organizer, I will say that a CLIENT believes any project of their own will take months. In reality, as a professional, I can go in and help it happen much faster, and for less than the client believes it will cost. We all spend money on what we value. When you value living in surroundings that don't drown you, you will spend money to make that happen, such as on a professional organizer.
Pam McCutcheon,
Certified Professional Organizer®, The Clutter Cutter® Team,
Wichita, KS

iamanorganizer said...

I find your term "decluttering prostitue" offensive. We have found something we are good at, identified a need, and made a career for ourselves. I'm sure you were just trying to be clever and witty. Just because you have decided that you can't afford it, or are choosing to just not spend the money don't take it out on the entire profession. And, YES, it is a legitimate PROFESSION. And, YES, this project WILL take you a lot longer than if you hired a professional. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...


Your post has been passed around the professional organizing community, as our eyebrows are a little raised at someone calling us that... anyway, I would like to say that you are hitting the nail on the head-- many people cannot afford our services, especially in the current economy. I do have a way around that- our Clutter Diet program offers online assistance for less than the cost of a pizza. Maybe we could help you and your mom?

- Lorie Marrero
Creator of The Clutter Diet®

Gayle said...

Clearing your own clutter can be very overwhelming. It's nice to get a fresh start. Using some understanding with those who need outside help makes this task easier to achieve. There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance. Paying for someone to help free you from something that can impact your life so much is a small price to pay. So it's good that a professional organizer as myself is available for such situations. We would all like to feel like our home is our haven.
Gayle Reeser
Change It Up
Wichita, KS