Thursday, June 12, 2008

Panties in a Bunch

So, I originally wrote a very dry and sarcastic response to the comments on my previous post about professional organizers. But, since I decided I didn't want to anger anyone else via my supposed apology, I thought I'd be a little more polite.

I truly apologize if anyone found my phrasing or treatment of the organizing profession offensive. I hope you can re-read my post and find that I actually do support and praise those who offer their time and skills to de-clutter entire households, because clearly those people can do it better than I ever could.

But to be perfectly honest, the reason, other than finances, that we don't hire a professional is that this blog would have much less meat to it. I tried to make something fun out of our project, and I'm sorry if people who aren't accustomed to my sense of humor found it disparaging. I invite everyone to sample some of my other, hopefully less-offensive posts, rather than zeroing in on the one where I made a faux-pas.

P.S. iamanorganizer, the term you found offensive is really just my unfortunately put way of making a play on words. I apologize.

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Anonymous said...

GAH! You have nothing to apologize for. If people can't learn to laugh at themselves or just plain LAUGH, then that is their own fault and has nothing to do with you. Honestly people, this is a fun little blog...a BLOG. In the grand scheme of things, does one persons' humorous comments really matter all that much?
If you don't like it...DON'T. READ. IT.

~ END rant ~

Back Garage said...

I agree completely with horse-wings! You have nothing to apologize for. I've thought many times about becoming a professional organizer because I like being at people's houses while they're doing projects like the one you're chronicling in this blog. I think it's FUN. Why do it if you're going to take yourself so seriously?

What gets me is the comment about your post being "passed around the organizing community." So you have a bunch of professional organizers who aren't even regular readers coming to your blog to scold you for calling them de-cluttering prostitutes. They should be the ones being scolded. If they read your blog, they'd know you were actually struggling with the idea, rather than flaming organizers.

Anonymous said...

* Claps and whistles in agreement with Back Garage *

Thank you, powers that be! Another sane person with a sense of humor. I was beginning to lose hope.