Saturday, June 21, 2008


Things I expected for today while attacking the living room anew:
- to get rid of the hideous bunny puzzle that's been sitting under the air conditioner for years (check)
- to find amusing tidbits from my childhood (double check)

Things I did not expect during the same period:
- SPIDER, whose filthy abdomen I heard go crunch beneath my Kleenex on the living room curtains. Sorry pal but u is gross (chchchchcheck)
- Sorta sad tidbits from my childhood (sad check):

From "My Autobiography" (by Xandi, age 6)
*This makes me smile: Funny telivision shows. Presents. My Birthday Party.

*I feel like crying when: my mom yells at me. When pepole call me names. When I get hurt. When I trip. When my mom leaves for work. When I am all alone.

Depressing how many more there are for sad, don't you think? Poor Xandi.

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