Thursday, June 19, 2008


Something I find interesting about decluttering is that it's not simply a case of spring cleaning. It's a way to actually change your lifestyle in an attempt to lead a healthier and happier existence. That must be why it feels so good when you succeed at a project (for example, when I reorganized our linen closet - I guess that's the first thing I've really completed, but it was definitely rewarding!).

As much as I complain and whine about goings-on around my household, I think that my mother and I are taking some very healthy steps toward attaining this sort of happier lifestyle. Not only have we started decluttering and taking it seriously, but we have gotten gym memberships and, although we don't go every day, we do take advantage of the classes and equipment at the gym (we use 24Hour Fitness). Beginning last year, when we realized I would have to cook for myself at school because I would be in a dorm with a kitchen, we made a conscious effort to eat more nutritiously.

I think there are still some deep emotional and psychological problems in our family, and even though I reason that that's true for all families, to some extent, I think that taking these small steps in different areas will do a lot of necessary good. I've been reading through iCiNG, and the concept of living as someone truly happy with themself has struck me in the brain. On the surface, Gala Darling's site looks like a girly fashion blog, but it's actually very inspirational, positive and friendly. If you want to sample some of her best articles, she made a handy list of them here.

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