Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Cluttering Blogosphere

So after a little jaunt to (which I believe I found through iCiNG, my newly budding obsession), I decided to take action in my blogging. ACTION! I gotta participate on other blogs, do some online bloggy networking and generally be a bit more awesomer. I warmed up by Googling "clutter blog" and found a slew of good stuff.

Here's what I noticed:

  • There are a lot of blogs out there done by professional organizers. Remember when I insulted them unintentionally? Well it's really too bad that I'll be remembered for that thoughtless phrase of mine because I really do respect them (and I have respected them! I never meant to insult anyone! I can tell I'll be apologizing for this for a while), especially now that I've seen some of their sites. There are really good tips out there, and I also found out you have to be certified to be part of the NAPO. Dang. Anyway there are a lot of sites I like which I may profile in a future Sites I Like post but for now here's a teaser, from a woman who commented on my controversial post: Clutter Diet Blog. She looks like a friendly lady. Shoot now I feel even more horrible for offending people.

  • There are, likewise, a lot of before and after photos online. But as I perused them, I found myself thinking many times, "Psh! They should see my apartment." And after a few instances of that, I realized, "Ferk I guess that's nothing to be proud of." But this means my before and after pictures will rock the internetzzz. Oh yeah. Expect it.

  • They're good at blogging but they get no props! I see very few comments on these clutter-related blogs but next to no comments. It's lurkers Batman!! I myself am guilty so whateva, we be changing that soon/already.

  • There are few (as in I haven't seen any yet but then again I'm only on the first page of Google results still so that doesn't really mean anything) blogs about people undertaking the de-cluttering process on their own. Maybe I win! Maybe people will discover me and someday I can make six figures blogging. Curse you Darren Rowse.

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