Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sites I Like #8: Des meubles de cuisine à petits prix

Something I've noticed since spending lots of time in my new dream dorm is that, no matter how pretty and clean a place is when it's brand new, it takes a certain amount of effort to keep it looking nice and comfortable. Our kitchen is one place where our filthiness likes to manifest itself. Neither my roommate nor I do the dishes on a regular basis. Unless you could call "whenever we run out of dishes and decide to do them all in one fell swoop" regular. I'm kind of a hypocrite, because of my history with de-cluttering and my manic need for things to be organized in my California home but not in New York. But I feel like I'm allowed to be messy since I'm in college.

Whatever my excuse, our kitchen gets dirty. It's still pretty, but if you actually look at the floors and run a hand along the granite counter top, you might just recoil in disgust. And, instead of cleaning or doing the reading I need to do for Francophone Literature (in which I have an impossible-sounding midterm on Wednesday), I thought I would present you with this wonderful link to pictures of Low-Cost Kitchen Furniture. Enjoy! It's in French, but I mean... all you really need are the pictures. Maybe someday I will translate the blurbs as an exercise for myself, since I'm taking Translation now, but for now... I don't wanna learn. I do what I want! A lot like Mindy Kaling and Cartman.

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Holly Anne said...

Don't feel bad... I constantly have a nasty kitchen despite my efforts to keep it clean. I hardly even eat at home is what is even more sad about it!

Kay said...

I have come to accept the fact that my kitchen floor wants to be dirty. It will do whatever it takes to attains its dirty status and maintain its dirty status.

It mocks my attempts to keep it clean.

I have given up.


(love your blog!)

Kay said...

Oh, and I found you via BATW :)

Alexandra said...

Thanks so much for the comments, guys! I'm glad to know I'm not the only dirty one around haha. jk

Kay: Sorry, I'm having a brain fart. What is BATW?

Kay said...

Blogs around the world :P

(You are listed there)