Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sites I Like #4:

I just thought about it, and the idea of self-help is kind of interesting, in a way I never thought about before. The idea is that you help yourself, but the term itself implies/connotes that you're getting help for that from someone else. It's ingenious, really; stubborn as we are, how would we humans ever get anywhere if we didn't have that extra nudge? I found a site that embodies the general self-help message in several ways, so it's today's site I like!

Today's site:

This site has so many resources and tools that it's a little overwhelming at first! From what I understand, a main message throughout the site is "start by shining your sink." There is even a little motivational video about it here (it's a little touchy-feely for my taste at the end, but it sends a good basic message: if you can keep your sink clean every day, you're off to a good start with keeping your life in line).

Another interesting part of the site is the concept of "baby steps" for beginners. They have full months planned out for you and things you can try to start to become more organized and healthy. For example, day one is shine your sink (naturally), day 15 is make your bed, and day 30 is check your calendar for next month's events. The emphasis in this monthly plan is to establish a routine, doing a new thing every day plus the things that came before it. I like that idea a lot, and what makes it really helpful is that the tips themselves stress that you're taking baby steps. I.e. don't wash every single duvet in your home, just make your bed. Simple!

This is just my personal opinion, but because I am not an extremely emotional person and have unearthed a lot of internal negativity in my own "motivational" encounters, I find the positivity of the site a little distracting. But I understand that that helps a lot of people, my mom in particular, who has found a very helpful community on to get on track with her health. FlyLady is a very nice lady, of course, and joining the site is free. So every opportunity like this is left up to you, if you want to take it or not. "FLY" stands for Finally Loving Yourself, so check out the site to see if it might be just what you need or if it's too much gush for your jaded self (i.e. me).

P.S. I'm going out of town for a couple days so I probably won't post till Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, I encourage bored people to go to (ages 13+ for language I guess) because it is hilarious and I am obsessed with it. My favorite video on the site is New Apartment, but start with Cookies or Math and you'll probably be hooked. Ok this P.S. is like practically as long as the real entry, so I'm going to go pack.

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