Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Location

Hey everyone, all three of you who read this, listen up:

This blog will now be published at - please note the spelling change.

It's extremely subtle, but it's simply because I wanted to consolidate a bunch of my accounts so I'm not constantly logging in and out. The content will be completely the same!

NOTE: I had to edit this post again. As of April 12 2009, the above URL is correct. :)

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Mikayla said...

hi alexandra,

I'm not invited to read your new blog, and I would like to be very much. I'm not sure how to contact you to ask you for an invite other than this way. I'm currently an NYU student and I want to use parts of your story as a piece of a performance project.

thanks, and best wishes,

Bluntlee Said said...


i'm also a NYU student and was wondering if I could also be invited to view your blog.



daughter of hoarder said...

you have been following my blog daughter of a hoarder. If you are still inclduing the declutterinf prject on your blgo i would liek to request an invite.If on the other hadn your blog is more personal then ignore this.
I am in England, and there's not much info on tackkling hoarding here.