Friday, March 27, 2009

Some days I love the Internet every day

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Super awesome, thought-provoking link spam, for your everyday health. Some of these are via iCiNG, naturally.

1000 Awesome Things: Watching Something Download Really Fast. Remember the Internet in the 90s? If yes: Don't you love remembering the Internet in the 90s? If no: how fricking old are you anyway.

In 10 Words. This is an interesting linguistic exercise. It reminds me of this book my French translation/"voices of the projects" prof told us about that was written in French and avoided use of the letter e. Language is amazing, if entirely frustrating*.

More Music, Less Bullshit: Why Dudes Dress Bad. Hilarious and stylish. It also opened my eyes to the fact that, as a girl, I probably dress bad a lot out of laziness of the time too, without realizing it. Owning good clothes doesn't mean you are fashionable haha.

Si Dawson: These Are Not Your Stories. For your own peace of mind, I'll let you read it for yourself, and decide if you agree or not. Sometimes it's hard to remember that, on the Internet and elsewhere, no matter how convicted people sound or how retarded they seem, they might be smarter or less astute than their words make them appear.

jouez. Although a bit feminism- and politics-heavy for my taste, there are some really intelligent, debate-provoking things in this girl's blog. For the record, I don't know her.

Fathering On. It may be creepy that I'm reading the blog of jouez's father, but whatever, I like his idea, and I find it a really interesting concept: a "solo" father (not single, per se) trying to enlighten society's ignorance of the dad's experience of single parenting. It's a really interesting sociological question that really is not treated in the media.

CNN: Catcalling: creepy or a compliment? I've always felt uncontrollably offended when this happens to me, partly because of my upbringing, partly because of my own personal psychology, and apparently, partly because of a more general psychological female trend.

* - Another story for another day.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, goes my Friday night.

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Galileo said...

Hey, thanks alot for linking me. I bet some of these sites were found through 1000 Awesome Things's comments, but I don't care, it's a good group over there. We all love awesome things.

Speaking of things, you can click my name to go to my main blog, Beaming For Bunnies. It's a bit more personal and pop culture oriented, but otherwise awesome. And every entry is longer than 10 words!

-Galileo "Beaming For Bunnies" & "In 10 Words"