Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh, the scattered contents of a college kid's brain

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Lately I have been essentially consumed with two very different thoughts, and they alternate. One is a general sense of awe and overwhelmption (sure, why not) about the essence of life and how the main themes in my academic life are all colliding and exciting and blah blah blah. It's getting a little too pretentious even for me, I can tell you, so I can't imagine how annoyed the rest of the world is with me.

The other thought is a general, fretful feeling about how loud my CPU fan is on my laptop. :( I have this computer, a Vaio VGN SZ270P, to be exact. I even bought a can of pressurized air so that I could be all macho-nerdy and unscrew the back of my laptop and blow that canned air through the provided straw into my stupid fan. Anyway, I decided that when this computer completely dies, I would like the latest Macbook as a replacement. I'm sure there'll be a newer, more expensive version out by that time, but my point is that the Apple kingdom is really winning me over.

Anyway, I also wanted to share a lovely link with you fine people. It is called SelfAbsorbed.me and has provided me with many minutes of entertaining reading about real life written funnier. Also one of the writers apparently went to NYU, because I found the site by Googling the 11-person suite at the dorm I want to live at next year. Read the article in question here.

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Kalynda Stone said...

seriously, i'm not trying to stalk you, I just came across this site in the list of my bookmarks and decided to see what was up in the life of alex.... but I am glad you are finally realizing the awesomeness of macs, as I have been trying to tell you guys for years..

Alexandra said...

Oh yay! Thanks Kalynda, glad you decided to check up on me. Sorry I didn't see this comment till late, oops. But yeah I'm definitely going to get a Mac next, also because my friend dropped my heavy brass clock on my computer yesterday. :/