Thursday, October 9, 2008

NYU: Faux-pas

Relationships seem so complicated to me. Especially the beginnings. Not only the romantic ones, even though I think that I may be on the brink of one? but just with all people. There's this weird sense that you don't know anything about the other person, and it's true to some extent; people often fall into your life seemingly from out of nowhere. Then there's a process of learning all about them, what their beliefs and memories are, and how they see the world. I'm making it sound tedious, like I don't enjoy it, but I do enjoy it. It's just that there are all these weird social norms and subtleties to the art of befriending a new person. (I can't imagine having to abide by all the superfluous rules of something like Victorian society.) It's probably not all that, but I guess my problem lies in how to act friendly without being annoying or clingy.

Lately, I've been discovering that I'm kind of a rude person. By "lately" I don't even mean "lately;" I mean "the past four months or so." Realizing this makes me very grateful to have the friends I do, because they understand that my sense of humor involves a lot of insincere insults that are really meant in the most affectionate of ways. My upbringing was strange, in that my family has never been a particularly affectionate one in the physical sense. It is true that, probably because of this, I have a high sense of respect for other people's personal space. But maybe too much so.

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