Monday, July 14, 2008

Be Even More Greener

Things you may do to be green but may not do the most efficiently:

In this age of the green trend, more and more Americans are recycling. This is definitely a good thing! But old habits still die hard - you may still choose the wastebasket over the recycling bag out of laziness. I'm certainly guilty of this! But just remember that there are so many things you can recycle! Jewel cases, styrofoam (just find the right service!), many plastics, and the traditional paper/plastic/glass/aluminum. Depending on your location, you might even be able to get money for these things! Think twice about our rising landfills when you want to throw non-biodegradables in that garbage!

Many people have a great routine set every year for spring cleaning, which I truly admire! But you can always do better. :) Instead of viewing it as a horrible chore that you have to tackle on your own because no one else around the house helps, make it a fun family event! Make a game out of organizing and cleaning out for the kids, and devise rewards for the grown-ups. The outings to Goodwill etc. can be fun mini road trips, too.

Shopping green is the best kind of shopping. You feel great about your purchases and can sometimes save money, like when you buy local at the farmer's market. But make sure you get the most out of your experience. Don't buy fancy green products unless you NEED them and will USE them! Otherwise it's just more clutter and a waste of money. For example: knickknacks made of reused plastic bags are great, but are they going to clutter up your home more/will they get any use? Also, try re-using the produce bags when you shop at the farmer's market. I have more about plastic bags if you're interested. :)

Anything I left out?

Thanks to Tales at Twilight for the image.

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SomeoneSpoilMe said...

If you are going to go green- definitely do it in style

Alexandra said...

Aw the link didn't work. But I searched for green stuff on the site and found some cool stuff, thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

yay! reduce reuse recycle! but when you're buying things you know you need frequently (ex. laundry detergent) go for bigger packages since the packagining on 5lbs (or however laundry detergent is measured) is less than 5x the packaging of a 1lb container!!

give things a second life! go shopping at thrift stores where rich careless people dump their crap that they've used once (if they have the sense to not throw it away) and not only save the environment by re-using resources but also save your moneyz!!

save your water! while ur waiting for the shower water to get hot, catch it in a bucket (the water) and use it to water your plants!!