Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Post

I'm sure no one is reading this at the actual beginning, preferring instead to read back in the archives after I've had this up a few months. Or maybe I'm just too hopeful and no one is reading!

In any case, this is the beginning. It was more or less spontaneous, since I'm home for the summer and still without a job. So instead, my job so far has been helping my mother catch up on thirteen years of spring cleaning. Here's the backstory:

My mother and I, a compact nuclear family, moved to our current apartment when I was seven - thirteen years ago now. It was pretty cozy for a while, since my mother had a good job and a comfortable home is very necessary for such a working woman and her young daughter. However, clutter amassed over the years. I couldn't invite people over anymore because you couldn't see the couch. Or the floor. Or the spaces between the couch, the floor, and everything else. Walking through our already-small apartment became a daily challenge.

But, because school and work took up our time, we never bothered to clean. So it got worse and worse. Currently, my mom is unemployed (previously on disability) and has been for about a year. I'm attending NYU during the school year.

I'm starting this blog a little late in the game, since we started our project over winter break when I was home. But I plan to document the rest of our progress, via blogs about our ideas, what we do with our old crap, daily projects, and before and after photos. (Those won't come till the after photos are ready, because I want to keep the blog pretty for now!)

Feel free to post comments, ideas, and your own resources as we go along. And here's to a clutter-free lifestyle in the coming thirteen months. Maybe. :)

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